Little Monstrosities

For my final project I am planning on doing a bi-weekly animation skit on YouTube. With the help of my sister and my boyfriend, I would make the skits about a minute long and they will be based on random and silly situations that we encounter. In the weeks that I don’t post a video, I would do a  “behind the scene” vlog on how I created the episodes.

Little Monstrosities (Click here for the group picture, by the end of this week I would post an introduction to the characters.)

This is where You can see the location where they live in.

One thought on “Little Monstrosities

  1. 123aqualight Post author

    The video of the gang won’t be out this week as I hoped, I’ve made a lot of changes to the characters. I originally didn’t want them to talk be now some are and some of the roles of the characters has changed. instead of the videos being loaded every two weeks it would be 2 and a half weeks to 3 weeks but I am not trying to push to that limit.

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