Animated Images

I will be working on a series of Animated Gif as my final project. I am getting together 20 images that I will use for the project. But I will be using about 10 of them. This will be an opportunity for me to do more practices with Photoshop tools. The main Photoshop tool I will be using is Puppet Warp tool. I will use this tool to tweak the images.  I will make adjustments to the photos, apply the puppet warp to the selected areas and make sure to not destroy or distort the background. By the end I will come up with an object that I manipulate and warp. My goal in doing this project is to take the Photoshop assets and think about them in a new way that tells a story adding motion and emotion to the original images. I will be using several techniques such as close-up, pans, and fades.
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