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Here’s What’s Cooking

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by cafemama

Welcome to the Final Project Blog for Spring 2013. You will be using this blog to regularly update your fellow classmates on your project’s progress. First up is to describe what you plan to make and how you plan to make it.

Tell us why you’re making what you are. Outline your semester plan, describe and present examples of assets and/or resources developed to execute the project. Describe a timeline for milestones. And describe particular goals for the project (how you will measure your satisfaction with what you’re making).

Every other week you’ll be expected to report on your progress, usually with a particular prompt in mind. You are also expect to comment on each other’s reports. I’m hoping you’ll see each other as confidants and commiserators while you work through the semester. Doing an independent study is a big difference than your usual class with common assignments and a classroom, so this space will be an opportunity to stay connected through sharing your successes and debacles. Remember that you are just as likely (or more likely) to learn from your mistakes so be sure to share them!
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