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Progress 1

So far I have created the basic skeleton for my site. All that’s needed is for me to fill the pages with the content that’s needed. I may need to upgrade my word-press account in order to load full documents for people to download of the site but I’m undecided. Regardless I’am at the point where I’m linking all my social media to the site, so when I officially launch it everything will be connected. I have also shot my first vlog and have uploaded it to YouTube and posted it to my main feed on my website.

Life Style Blog

I’am creating a lifestyle blog.However the main purpose of the site will be to showcase my musice and to create a web presence for me as a musician.I will also have a vlog showing what I don on a daily basis behind the scenes. Some of the videos will be edited while others will be left normal just to give each episode some variation. Since I have material I have been working on over the years, I have enough content to kick off the blog. Even  though I have the structure of the site  finished, I’m still figuring out an actual theme I’m going.I’m unsure if I want to create one from scratch or chose a premium one and manipulate it through HTML.I will decide in the next few days. I will then move on to phase two and begin working on my vlog heavily.
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