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Progress1 (Out of Overflow)

So I realized that creating a WordPress theme out of a template that I already have is going to take some time, but I want to launch the site as soon as I can to start promotion now. So I am going to launch the site using regular html & css, while I create the WordPress version in the background. When that is complete and ready, I will switch the site to the WordPress functionality. With WordPress, I can post content more easily and I will also add buddy press which will allow social networking to be added in automatically for commenting, liking, +1’ing’ and pinning.
So there has been no actual progress, but only virtual progress.


Out of Overflow Proposal and Introduction

This is the proposal I turned in to Prof Mike:

With all of that said, I would like to have the wordpress functionality implemented by
My partner and I have already been gathering content for the site by the end of the class I hope to have at least 30-40 entries showcased.
(presentation day)

Another goal I have is to have a following of 1000+ by
(presentation day)
I’ve already created twitter, facebook and google+ for Out of Overflow

I’m not sure if I’m over or under shooting as this is my first time intentionally creating a following. So let me know what you think. Too high? Too low? too much? too little? I should make a poll…

Do you think my goals are:
1) too high for the deadlines
2) too little! You’re lazy
3) just right!
4) make your own decisions, leave me out of it

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