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Life Style Blog

I’am creating a lifestyle blog.However the main purpose of the site will be to showcase my musice and to create a web presence for me as a musician.I will also have a vlog showing what I don on a daily basis behind the scenes. Some of the videos will be edited while others will be left normal just to give each episode some variation. Since I have material I have been working on over the years, I have enough content to kick off the blog. Even  though I have the structure of the site  finished, I’m still figuring out an actual theme I’m going.I’m unsure if I want to create one from scratch or chose a premium one and manipulate it through HTML.I will decide in the next few days. I will then move on to phase two and begin working on my vlog heavily.
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A documentary about  an  Army  veteran  who  lost  his  status to  work  in  york  I have  lots of  picture  of  his young  age in  the  army   when  he  was deplore in  Germany    i  am  going to  scan  those  picture  and  state  to work  on  it  with  a script