Progress 1

So far I have created the basic skeleton for my site. All that’s needed is for me to fill the pages with the content that’s needed. I may need to upgrade my word-press account in order to load full documents for people to download of the site but I’m undecided. Regardless I’am at the point where I’m linking all my social media to the site, so when I officially launch it everything will be connected. I have also shot my first vlog and have uploaded it to YouTube and posted it to my main feed on my website.

Animated Images

I will be working on a series of Animated Gif as my final project. I am getting together 20 images that I will use for the project. But I will be using about 10 of them. This will be an opportunity for me to do more practices with Photoshop tools. The main Photoshop tool I will be using is Puppet Warp tool. I will use this tool to tweak the images.  I will make adjustments to the photos, apply the puppet warp to the selected areas and make sure to not destroy or distort the background. By the end I will come up with an object that I manipulate and warp. My goal in doing this project is to take the Photoshop assets and think about them in a new way that tells a story adding motion and emotion to the original images. I will be using several techniques such as close-up, pans, and fades.
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Progress1 (Out of Overflow)

So I realized that creating a WordPress theme out of a template that I already have is going to take some time, but I want to launch the site as soon as I can to start promotion now. So I am going to launch the site using regular html & css, while I create the WordPress version in the background. When that is complete and ready, I will switch the site to the WordPress functionality. With WordPress, I can post content more easily and I will also add buddy press which will allow social networking to be added in automatically for commenting, liking, +1’ing’ and pinning.
So there has been no actual progress, but only virtual progress.


Little Monstrosities

For my final project I am planning on doing a bi-weekly animation skit on YouTube. With the help of my sister and my boyfriend, I would make the skits about a minute long and they will be based on random and silly situations that we encounter. In the weeks that I don’t post a video, I would do a  “behind the scene” vlog on how I created the episodes.

Little Monstrosities (Click here for the group picture, by the end of this week I would post an introduction to the characters.)

This is where You can see the location where they live in.

Life Style Blog

I’am creating a lifestyle blog.However the main purpose of the site will be to showcase my musice and to create a web presence for me as a musician.I will also have a vlog showing what I don on a daily basis behind the scenes. Some of the videos will be edited while others will be left normal just to give each episode some variation. Since I have material I have been working on over the years, I have enough content to kick off the blog. Even  though I have the structure of the site  finished, I’m still figuring out an actual theme I’m going.I’m unsure if I want to create one from scratch or chose a premium one and manipulate it through HTML.I will decide in the next few days. I will then move on to phase two and begin working on my vlog heavily.
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A documentary about  an  Army  veteran  who  lost  his  status to  work  in  york  I have  lots of  picture  of  his young  age in  the  army   when  he  was deplore in  Germany    i  am  going to  scan  those  picture  and  state  to work  on  it  with  a script

Plans and Ideas

Presentation PDF

This is aPDF Presentation for the final Project, I’m hoping to get at least 8 videos on the sight

I’m currently transcribing my first video and I believe I’ll have my first video done by next week.

I’m hoping to get the website up in the next two weeks.

The date I’m planning to complete the website with the videos included is in early april.

I already have the domain name 

Now all i have left to do, is deliver.

Out of Overflow Proposal and Introduction

This is the proposal I turned in to Prof Mike:

With all of that said, I would like to have the wordpress functionality implemented by
My partner and I have already been gathering content for the site by the end of the class I hope to have at least 30-40 entries showcased.
(presentation day)

Another goal I have is to have a following of 1000+ by
(presentation day)
I’ve already created twitter, facebook and google+ for Out of Overflow

I’m not sure if I’m over or under shooting as this is my first time intentionally creating a following. So let me know what you think. Too high? Too low? too much? too little? I should make a poll…

Do you think my goals are:
1) too high for the deadlines
2) too little! You’re lazy
3) just right!
4) make your own decisions, leave me out of it

View Results

Make your own poll

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Here’s What’s Cooking

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by cafemama

Welcome to the Final Project Blog for Spring 2013. You will be using this blog to regularly update your fellow classmates on your project’s progress. First up is to describe what you plan to make and how you plan to make it.

Tell us why you’re making what you are. Outline your semester plan, describe and present examples of assets and/or resources developed to execute the project. Describe a timeline for milestones. And describe particular goals for the project (how you will measure your satisfaction with what you’re making).

Every other week you’ll be expected to report on your progress, usually with a particular prompt in mind. You are also expect to comment on each other’s reports. I’m hoping you’ll see each other as confidants and commiserators while you work through the semester. Doing an independent study is a big difference than your usual class with common assignments and a classroom, so this space will be an opportunity to stay connected through sharing your successes and debacles. Remember that you are just as likely (or more likely) to learn from your mistakes so be sure to share them!
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