CT 401 Syllabus

Communication Technology 401. Final Project/Senior Seminar.

3 hrs.; 3 cr. Prereq: Upper junior status and completion of 30 credits in Major, or permission of department chair.

Course Description:

This course is for majors who wish to do a final project based in communication technology, and work on this project in a collegial and critical environment. Students will write a thesis project proposal as an application to participate in the class. Once accepted, meetings will occur once a month to discuss progress and to create a free-flowing exchange of ideas concerning projects. Critique sessions will include outside guests who will provide insight on current trends in media and business. Students will present final projects for review and display on the web and in public showcases when possible.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to enable the student to: 1) develop a formal proposal for a project of their interest; 2) demonstrate their creativity and independence in producing a project of their own design; and 3) create a portfolio of work used when applying for graduate schools and when interviewing for jobs.


Week 1 Presenting your project to the class. Describing what you are going to make and why. Outlining your semester plan, describing the assets and resources developed to execute the project. Describe a timeline for milestones.

Week 2-3 Providing feedback to peer’s project descriptions and plans. Provide your first project milestone update.

Week 4-5 1/3 of the semester passed update. Present plan modifications based on necessity. Provide a samples of the work to illustrate. Second milestone update.

Week 6-7 Half point milestone update. Emphasize any resources that you believe should be shifted given your rate of progress. Describe any quality gaps that might have to be tolerated to complete by the end of the semester.

Week 8-9 Satisfaction/Fatigue update. Describe what parts of the project to date you’re finding most satisfying and which are the greatest struggle. What has been the most unexpected events in the project’s path. Most expected.

Week 10-11 Three quarters through. Hard decisions that you believe you will need to make to meet your deadline. What are the most important aspects remaining to focus on. Where will you see the most improvement. The least amount of improvement in the project.

Week 12-13 Homestretch loose ends time, finishing touches. What can describe that shouldn’t have been left behind given constraints. What are glad you left behind given constraints. How did these affect the project’s quality.

Week 14-15 Final presentations and reflections on the path you took. Successes of the project. Directions missed. Final reflections on the project.


Class participation 25%
Project proposal/presentation 25%
Final project 50%
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